Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Intimate Dance Party

Mr. Aniket steps out and sizes up the ladies on the floor. He fiddles with the ring in his pocket while eyeing Ms. Jennifer's creamy white skin and shock of red hair. Ms. Jennifer gives him an icy grin while taking his hand and pulls him onto the dance floor. Mr. Aniket's hopes for the evening come alive in a swirl of passion...

A twist and a turn and a flip of the toes
A spark of her touch and my heart, it glows
Her hips took a loop
Heart jumped through a hoop
Trip...clash,heart beats...eyes flash, when you feel it... it shows.

But Ms. Jennifer is mad. She knows Mr. Aniket is married, and that he is on the prowl. She has had enough of that kind of thing and is no longer going to stand by and watch people get hurt! And besides, Mrs. Aniket is her hair dresser! She has a plan to trap Mr. Aniket so that he can stop wreaking havoc on the lives of so many due to his lustful, sinful habits of the flesh...

You will forgive us
for paying back one conquest
with another
and making
your men fall
at the bare feet we have
planted to support hips
and bellies and breasts
that rotate
and undulate,
mimicking the dance of birth
(and what comes before).
Women less talented than I
have stolen your men
with the flick of a hip
a stretch of the neck
a burning turn of the womb.
I quiver so fast.
He shivers as
His eyes follow
a carnal radius
and your white skin
is forgotten.

Mr. Aniket swirls Ms. Jennifer away as he tires of her ranting, and grabs the hand of a new partner, the shy and startled Ms. Sarah, hoping that maybe this time, he can use romance and love to his advantage in satisfying his carnal needs...

Moonlight, fate knocks,
Shy smiles emote,
They dance lip-locked.

Although it never worked out between them (due to the fact that he was married and she knew she could never be his for longer than a short tryst which was something that was strongly against her beliefs), Sarah thought about that dance with Mr. Aniket from time to time. One rainy day in March, just as Spring was about to burst into bloom, she pulled out the journal where she had poured out her heart that night 50 years ago, and laughed as she read aloud, the hairs raising on her forearms and stars twinkling in her eyes as if she were spinning madly once again, held safe in the arms of handsome Mr. Aniket.

Of our many pieces,
the shyest and freest
shall live on
in that land
where minutes
dance like
in the wind

and all the shapes in
the clouds
we see there
are the pieces
of you
of me
still partnered
a spinning earth

And now, I leave you with this little sentiment:

In the middle of the whirling swirling twirling spinning is a tiny speck of stillness. If I do not return to that speck I will spin off into a distant moon and cause comets to fly off their course. --Crazy Cat
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