Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Oh Listen to the cold wind howl
Through canyons of your shredded heart
Where branches rip the tangled soul
And lay you naked, bare

As wolves devour you whole inside
Just listen to the echoes there
(She’s gone, … gone) through canyons, wide
Submerged in silent grief

Where kindness kisses drip like tears
lift frozen wings on tufts of air
through inner walls that hold up mirrors
Tears flow from you to me

Yes wings, as Virgil’s guiding hand
Will keep you on the path through hell
Where labyrinths are sinking sands
And eyes, averted, blind you

But there, where tears and soul combine
The maze's path reveals a light
As river flows join ocean wine
You stand upon the edge

Oh listen to the ebb and tide
As ever passing winds subside
You watch the tears beside your guide
Where grief flows to the sea

Oh, be the tide, and be the wind
The blind, the guide, the tears, the slain,
Yes, be the kindness and the sin
On melted wings, fly free.

©2010 Cat Vibert