Thursday, March 26, 2009

Image Prompt: Dancing

Dear friends,
It seems we had so much fun last week with the image prompt that I have decided to make it a regular weekly feature on my blog. I will post the image toward the end of the week (since I am INFP I am not allowed to actually 'schedule' it, so I will just give you an approximate time), and you will submit your entries which I will post toward the end of the weekend. Once I have posted it, I will not post any latecomers, but you may still post entries in the comment section if you so desire.

Here in North Carolina everybody is always doing some kind of dancing. Down at my local community center, they have a weekly Contradance with live music and it is a very happening event. Hundreds of folks of all ages show up every single week! And this is only one of many dancing events happening all over the county every week. This very Saturday I'm going to a Zen Trance Dance.

But to the task at hand, here is the prompt, have fun, be frenzied folks, this is DANCING we're talking about!! Send to me at to add the element of surprise. I will accept until Sunday March 29th at 12:00 noon. (See Aine, it is possible to schedule something after all!)

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