Thursday, May 10, 2012

Be quiet, Metaphor

The romance is dead
At the end of its rope
A fading flower
Its rock has sunk
Twisted into knots
Numb, without meaning, defunct.

My parade is rained on,
Just a grey cloudy sky.
Trying to be here now
Was the winter of my discontent
I couldn't see the forest
For the trees were dancing
Blowing in the wind...
So I had to leave you.


The romance is dead,
I don't love you anymore,
You former key 
That unlocked an imaginary soul.
You were a line
To some sort of God, 
To wings, to dreams, to a new world,
To everything anyone ever wanted.

But you're just a word, sometimes you're a few,
And you disappoint,
Just like all the other words,
Full of false promise, then hope, now despair
I want you to go now, Metaphor,
And leave me alone
To a silence beyond hope, beyond fear
Beyond flowery words
Beyond comparison and analogy
Beyond, Before, Between, Beneath
Be quiet.