Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update: Additional prompt ideas

I just wanted to post an update for the current assignment (see previous post). At this moment (Saturday morning), I have received four entries. None of the entries has been an audio entry, so I want to give a poke to you audio enabled folks. Poke.

Ok, so if you're totally stumped and not in a bad mood at all and therefore can find no inspiration for gloomy things such as irony and doubt, please feel free to write something that absolutely defines Spring's glory.

For additional prompting ideas, think: Regeneration and Renewal. Think Eostre before it morphed into Easter. Think Easter and Passover, and where the heck did that bunny come from anyway? Go crazy folks!

And because I love you all and have realized this will be a holiday extravaganza, I'm extending the deadline to Monday night at midnight. I will post the result on Friday April 10th.


In regards to the photo above, that is the field across the street from whence I get the inspiration for most of my paintings. I often opt to leave out the human structures when I paint, but if you go back to this post I left a few in for good measure. The peacocks live just beyond the trees there.
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