Saturday, April 25, 2009

From Crocus to the Sea

You might ask yourself what this painting and the crocuses that came before have in common. It turns out that this painting was also inspired by Jason's crocus photograph. I was trying to do a study, and so I painted lines of cerulean blue against lines of cadmium yellow touched with a hint of alizarin crimson, just to see how the colors would fare next to each other. Then I put this aside and painted the crocuses. After the crocuses were finished and all y'all were busy creating brilliant haiku gems to go with the little tykes, I was upstairs in my painting room staring at the orange and blue lines until suddenly they became an ocean scene in my mind. And that's when I started adding stuff. It kind of reminds me of somewhere near Little Girl Lost's fateful crab pond.

(Shhh...don't tell anyone that the birds were photoshopped in...;-)
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