Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tapestry of Spring

(Double click to see in full widescreen).

A Tapestry of Spring, an anthology
Narrated by Catherine Vibert
Voices of:
James A Murrell
Cindy Gruenwald
Catherine Vibert (pitch shifted!)
and special guest
Sarah Hina

Poems from the blog:

1) Little Girl by Amritorupa Kanjilal aka Little Girl Lost of Rivers I have known

2) All Fall Down by Rachel Westfall of The Waxing Moon

3) Jonquil Time by Karen Nowviskie of Keeping Secrets

4) Ides by Joaquin Carvel of Lyrics and Maladies

5) Promise by Aniket Thakkar of Melody of Dissonance

6) Resumption by K. Lawson Gilbert of Old Mossy Moon

7) Fly Little Bird by Steve Elsaesser of Another Sober Alcoholic

8) Eden by Sarah Hina of Murmurs
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