Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trial by Fire

I wander for water in no-man's land
But searching there gains none,
Instead I find the dragon's breath
My cheek licked by his tongue.

With slap and sting the tongue's fork scorched
The hollow in my face,
Now branded there, my voice shrieks out,
"My shame, my life's disgrace!"

The dragon speaks, voice low and deep
With rumblings all around,
Yet voice upon voice, with echoes, lost,
I can not hear a sound.

In fear I tremble as I seek
Approval in his eye,
I hope therefore, by pleasing him
He'll spare me this goodbye.

With furrowed brow, his eyes bore deep
I know that I have lost,
He squints them tight as jaw grows wide,
Demanding by fire, my cost.

My flesh begins to melt away
From skin on down to bone,
I scream in pain as flames expose
All hurt I've ever known.

I wander naked through the woods
I do not know my name,
For all that was before is gone
And only bones remain.


In gratitude, this poem was inspired by many blogs I've been reading lately: Thanks to Rick from The Writer and The White Cat for the dragon inspiration. Thanks to Jason, from The Clarity of Night on getting in touch with your pain, and thanks to K from Old Mossy Moon for reminding me how much I love rhyming and how fun it is to read. All the links are on the right side of my page under the heading "Blogs in my community".
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