Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

There are days when the camera is better left behind; days when it is better to see with the eyes, than through a lens.

In The Forest

The day was cold and crisp, and the sun was hiding away behind a cover of clouds. I had been out into the forest just days before, late in the afternoon with the sun low and the shadows playing. I tried to capture the forest then, and to some extent I did, but her true glory remained elusive to my eyes until this day.

I was struck by a light that emanated from deep within the forest. The light shimmered, and as I walked closer, it began to multiply as thousands of leaves formed a canopy that was spun in 24 carat gold. In obeisance, lower layers of reds and oranges faced the golden tree, fanning her royal branches with gentle breezes that could not be felt with human skin. Rebellious though complimentary, flashes of green, those last holdouts in the golden age of this arboreal society, made their statement of attempt to remain what they have been, though they too will change, and they too, will fall.

I didn't capture what I saw into digital perpetuity. Am I to be faulted for this?
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