Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catvibe's Writing Place Resurrected With New Name

Well friends, I am resurrecting this blog as a place to dump all my word combinations.  It just wasn't working for me to write freely as I wanted to over at the other place, so I made that other site strictly an art site, and this is where I'll write stuff.  Capeesh?  I don't have anything to write at the moment, but at least I have the home.  Those who have been here in the past may have noticed  I changed the name of the blog.  The last name was created in anticipation of my travels in 2007, and that's just not happening these days.  This name is inspired by a T-shirt I have which is a cat sitting in front of his catbox, with his little piles of poo all neatly arranged and the sand perfectly raked into little hills. The cation is 'zencat'.  It's just, just so...well you know, perfect. 

See you soon with something better than this to read.  I promise.
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