Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chores Will Set You Free

The Government will not set you free, CHORES will set you free.

This is a phrase I heard for the first time while visiting Asheville, North Carolina last month. I attended a traveling puppet show by a talented group of young folk. Their show was reminiscent of 1960’s style counter-culture troubadours and was a delightful breath of fresh air. Sadly, I’m not remembering the name of the troupe, so if anyone knows it, please let me know and I will gladly credit them on my blog.

Meanwhile, the phrase seems particularly pertinent in light of the latest political grumblings in regards to Obama’s choice of the word ‘bitter’. You all know what I’m talking about, bitter, so they turn to guns and religion instead of government, bla bla bla. Does anyone actually think the government will come to the rescue? I think not. Rescue won't come until people are ready to rein in their spending habits, and get out there in their back yards, if they still have one that hasn’t been repossessed by the bank, and grow themselves some food!

Eat local. Grow your own food. Don’t spend more than you have. Vote for Obama if you agree that the last 20 years have given us bad government, at least he’s honest about that, maybe he'll actually bring something better. But don’t think of him or any presidential choice as a savior. It ain’t so. Do your chores, use that elbow grease, help out your neighbor, be active in your own community. I think that’s what it's all about.
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