Friday, February 15, 2008

The Trip Ended

But not the adventure.

Ok, I went to Angkor Wat, back to Thailand for two days, and then I came home. The high point was really Chiang Mai, so why have a long drawn out ending?

I came home, and it took two weeks to peer out of my room, and another week before the next adventure was planned: two weeks in North Carolina with my mother in March. I'm thinking of moving to Asheville. It was written that it's one of the happiest places on Earth (Eric Weiner, "The Geography of Bliss"). We shall see....

Meanwhile, I've been busy preparing a photography show of some of my photos from India which will be displayed in the lobby of Monte Rio's Pegasus Theatre during the performance of their latest offering, The Perfect Ganesh. Directed by Peter Cooper, the play set in India runs from February 23 to March 22. The play also features audio and video I recorded while in India. Please come and check out the play and the photos.

Some have asked me if I've experienced culture shock since returning? Everything costs too much in this country! Especially food. It is appalling to the senses. Food and medical assistance should not break the bank. Nor should your mortgage. One needs time away from work in order to slow down long enough to watch the flow of water.

Stay tuned for more USA centric blogging.
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